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Eliminate blood scarcity in NEPAL by

donating your time to make an impact, your blood to save lives or your money to create a holistic blood management cycle.

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In developing countries
like NEPAL, patients’ families have the
burden and stress of managing and
transporting blood themselves.

We are on a mission to change that.

why hamrolifebank

Why HLB?

When it comes to blood, right information at the right time can be the answer to a life and death situation.
Existing blood management system in Nepal is manual, cumbersome and inefficient. Most blood banks record the information on blood collection/supply manually in registers.
Maintaining blood stock inventory is tedious with laborious back-office paperwork and managing information on availability and shortage of blood is a tall task.

How do we tackle the blood search and shortage crisis?

With the right donor data management and blood stock management, HLB works closely with blood banks to maintain their information and also recruit, engage and retain donors as per the demand. Folks in search of blood can get access to blood availability info.




We work with blood banks to record information of blood and its supply digitally for easy access.



Communication Hub

Blood Chahiyo - We run a blood search hotline service for folks in need. Awareness, motivation & retention - We are also working on communication strategy to inform, educate and motivate donors, folks in need of blood and blood-related stakeholders.



Logistics service

We organize smart blood donation events Upcoming - blood delivery from blood banks to hospitals by well trained staff.

how hamrolifebank works

What we Do?

Hamro LifeBank uses technology at its core to address the current issues with blood shortage and management.



We digitize blood banks.


Blood Search

We power blood search with efficient information.


Motivate donors

We motivate and retain donors with our vein-to-vein initiative.

Blood events organized

Blood search managed

Lives saved

Total data digitized

Total blood collected


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