On March 7, 2024, Hamro LifeBank hosted a blood donation event, supported by Verisk Nepal. The event witnessed an incredible turnout and generated significant support from donors, volunteers, supporting partners and healthcare professionals. Verisk Nepal sponsorship was instrumental in making this event possible.

Key Features:
Token of Appreciation: Each donor received a food package and a gift hamper, expressing gratitude for their selfless act.
Streamlined Process: A digital system was implemented to ensure efficient management of the donation process, from collection to supply.
Engagement Initiatives: Witty props were used for social media photos, fostering engagement and awareness. A "Wall of Fame" allowed donors to share their experiences, inspiring others.
Gratitude Outreach: A thank-you SMS was sent to donors upon dispatch of their donated blood, showing appreciation and keeping them informed of their impact.

Life-Saving Impact: 43 pints of blood were collected, potentially impacting the lives of 129 individuals in need.
Successful Participation: Out of 51 registered individuals, 43 were eligible donors and There were 22 male and 23 female donors.

Special Thanks:
We extend heartfelt appreciation to Verisk Nepal and Labim Mall for their invaluable support and selfless contributions, which significantly contributed to the event's success.

Thank You, Everyone, for Your Incredible Contributions!
To all donors, volunteers, partners, and supporters: Your generosity, dedication, and support have made a significant difference, and we are truly grateful for each and every one of you who contributed to the success of this event.