Smart Blood Donation Drive was a one-day blood donation event in partnership with the Labim Mall and Lalitpur Red Cross Society. Out of the 44 people who registered, 23 were eligible to donate blood, while the remaining donors were ineligible because of their various health issues and other reasons. Out of 23 donors, 43.47% of our donors were female which was very impressive. Usually, the female donor count is less than 20%. At blood donation event, we used the witty props to click the pictures which could be posted on social media to engage the blood donors. All blood donors received food & refreshments, stickers and gift hamper. For marketing and visibility at LABIM Mall, 1 banner ads, 2 HLB Standee, Wall of fame, 1 TV screens were used. To engage individuals inside of LABIM Mall, we also kept a props table, where individuals were encouraged to click pictures and post on social media. The lifecycle of each blood bag was digitized.