We collaborated with The British School for the blood donation event at their premises. Nepal Mediciti Hospital collected 53 pints of blood which is enough to save 159 lives! Out of 53 donors there were 34 Female and 19 Male donor which was very impressive. Our donation events are usually dominated with male donors so it was definitely very encouraging to see a higher number of female donors at The British School.

The Highlights of the donation drive are described below:
We collected 53 pints of blood that is equivalent to saving 159 lives.
We collected : A+ve 18 pints, B+ve 9 pints, O+ve 19 pints, AB+ve 2 pints, A-ve 2 pints, B-ve 1 pints and O-ve 2 pints.
There were 64.16% Female and 35.84% Male blood donors.