Out of the 66 people who registered, 37 were eligible to donate blood, while the remaining donors were ineligible because of their various health issues and other reasons. Out of 37 donors, 9 of them were first time donors and 12 were the female donors which was very impressive. This event attracted a large number of energetic young donors, the majority of whom were under the age of 30. At blood donation event, we used the witty props to click the pictures which could be posted on social media to engage the blood donors. We also held a lucky draw in which donors received the gift hampers and healthy snack for donor gratification.

The Highlights of the donation drive are described below:
We collected 37 pints of blood that is equivalent to saving 111 lives.
We collected : A+ 15 pints, B+ 8 pints, O+ 12 pints and AB+ 2 pints.
There were 32.40% Female and 67.60% Male blood donors.