HLB got featured for the first time in the National Daily (Kathmandu Post) on May 1, 2019. Professionals working in blood sector claim, a major reason for blood shortage has been due to decreased number of blood donations compared to rising demands. This has created an extra burden for public during emergencies as they do not find blood. However according to WHO donation from only 1% of the total population is enough to meet the country’s demand. In Nepal the donation percentage is about 1% but the scarcity remains, that is fulfilled by replacement donations. One of the most prevalent issues is the absence of reliable and centralized data on blood stock and its management. In absence of reliable data one cannot ensure the exact cause of the shortage for if it is decreasing rate of donations or improper management of blood supply and demand. HLB is now working to fill this void in the blood world in Nepal with technology and information for a bigger impact in saving more lives.